Rio // 2019 →

Paulina, a young girl who lives and works with her friend Nadia in a semi-isolated hotel near the border.
While dreaming of a better place, they surprised by an unexpected guest.
Continuity of parks // 2022

The heroes of the ancient Greek mythology find themselves in a Moscow park.
↑ Chudische // 2020

Straight8 2020 submission

Jagodki // 2018


Empty rooms // doc 2022

After 24th February 2022, many people emigrated from Russia for various reasons. Among these people were my friends and lovers.This film is my love letter to those people who can no longer be near me.

fashion & commercial
The Blueprint x Tiffany

The Blueprint x Gucci

TSUM motion shop windows

Unifarious Super8 ↓

Lamoda ep.2020

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